Join us on 24 – 26 November for the Annual Conference 2021.  where we will be harnessing the positive outcomes of the storm and continuing the momentum of transforming services to support blind and partially sighted people in the new world we live in.

All speakers, workshops and discussions will follow one or more of the three core themes.

Rainbows:  We can create positive outcomes from the storm of the pandemic.  We will share learning, adaptations and the positive impact which these will have on the future support and services offered to Blind and Partially Sighted People.

Disruptions: We will encourage each other to positively create and evaluate our own disruptions and challenge our own practices.  We will, of course, acknowledge the huge disruptions we have all experienced during the pandemic.

Transformations: The sight loss sector faces immense hurdles due to the pandemic.  Radical transformations will be required to overcome the challenges and are necessary to keep pace with the economic, social and structural changes we are experiencing if we are to ensure that blind and partially sighted people are not left behind and receive the support required at the time they need it.

Wednesday 24 November 2021

Image is a head a shoulders photo of Paul smiling at the camera

10.00                  Opening Address

10.20                  Keynote Session 1

                           Paul Evans:  CEO, Leadership through Sport

10.50                  Break

11.15                  Workshop Session 1

            • Strengthening your resilience: Taking care of yourself as you care for others
            • Income Generation Q & A with a panel of experts
            • Empowering volunteers who are blind or partially sighted to become effective leaders
            • Learning from COVID-19: Positive examples of habilitation services development and adaptation to the needs of children, young people and their families
            • Governance Workshop – title to be confirmed
            • Challenging the Odds: Enabling people to flourish online when the internet seems too scary

12.15                  Break

13.15                  Well-being Session with Dosti Dance 

13.45                  Break

14:00                  Workshop Session 2

            • Making sense of climate change
            • Together we are believed, reassured and supported
            • Provocation, preparation and performance – communicating confidently online and in person
            • Heart of a charity, mindset of a business
            • Education and Covid – Title to be confirmed
            • Hard to reach or not reaching hard enough!

Thursday 25 November 2021

Image is made up of two photos. Dr Nikita Kanani to the left and Lucy Caldicott to the right

09.00         Well-being session with Angela Da Castro 

10.00          Keynote Session 2
Dr Nikita Kanani:
GP and Medical Director for Primary Care for NHS England and NHS Improvement

Lucy Caldicott:  CEO,

11.15         Break

11.45         Workshop Session 3

        • Led by experience: How community led models can both empower and deliver
        • Space in between
        • Shine on access: A spotlight on accessible information
        • Low Vision Service – Title to be confirmed
        • Children and Young People’s Sight Loss MOT
        • Digital support groups: How we utilised data, evaluation and dashboards to create client focussed digital support

12.45         Break

13.45         Well-being Session

14.15         Annual Visionary Quiz

Friday 26 November 2021

A headshot. Amy is a blonde white plus size woman wearing glasses. She is half smiling at the camera and wears a navy dress

09.15         Visionary AGM

10.00         Keynote Session 3:

                  Dr Amy Kavanagh:  Disability Campaigner and Activist

10.45         Break

11.00         VI Charity Sector Partnership:  Workstream Sessions

12noon      Break

13.00         Annual Visionary Awards

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