Social Media Policy

Our use of social media is governed by some simple rules which we hope you think are fair and reasonable.  By submitting content to any of Visionary’s social media sites, you agree to participate in a respectful manner. We will not accept content which may cause distress to other users, or posts which are damaging, illegal, inflammatory or misleading.

Visionary accepts no liability for errors and omissions, or misuse of copyright or personal information in breach of these rules.

Visionary reserves the right to remove any content which is off-topic, commercial or overtly promotes organisations without Visionary’s permission. Persistent abusers may be prevented from adding further contributions.

Users are fully responsible for the content they add to any of Visionary’s social media sites, and we do not accept liability for views, opinions or advice expressed by users contributing to discussions on their social media pages.

Postings by Visionary on its social media sites are for information purposes only and do not necessarily reflect the views of the organisation.

Links to external content do not constitute endorsement of third party organisations, entities or the views contained therein.

Users understand that Visionary may use content submitted by users for research and promotional purposes.

Visionary retains copyright of all original material published by us and this should not be used without specific consent.


For information about your use of our website please see our terms and conditions.

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