Visionary and Revealing Reality Launch Travel Matters Research Findings

Our Travel Matters project looked at how Visionary members can improve the experience of public transport for people with a visual impairment.

Thanks to funding from the Motability Foundation, Visionary and four of our members (Beacon Society for the Blind, Sight Concern Bedfordshire, NESS and Vision Support) worked with researchers from Revealing Reality to develop tools that all Visionary members can use to provide effective support to organisations, blind and partially people and stakeholders.

The tool kit

This tool kit was created to aid in the amazing work the members do. It is accessible for all and we would love to hear how you make use it in your work, whether this is as part of your visual awareness training, in discussion groups with your members, to engage with stakeholders or to support a funding grant.

This tool kit consists of

  • Case studies highlighting everyday challenges, solutions and things that need to change.
  • Two films, one lasting ten minutes and another lasting 90 seconds, showing the impact that challenges with access to public transport have on the lives of people involved.
  • A report describing the project and recommendations.

Visionary members and partners can access the toolkit and findings via the Influencing Change section of the Visionary Knowledge Hub. The Travel Matter Report and case studies are also available on the Mobility Foundation website.

We want to share a big thank you to our wonderful Visionary members who shared their knowledge and expertise on this topic. Thank you to the Motability Foundation for funding this project and to Revealing Reality for great collaboration which resulted in this tool kit.

If you have any questions or would like to share how you use the tool kit with Visionary please email Nina Chesworth

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