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It’s a great opportunity during Volunteers’ week this week, 1 – 7 June 2022 for social sector organisations to recognise and thank the army of volunteers that support them.

What motivates people to give their time as a volunteer will vary – both from person to person and according to the individual situation or circumstances. A common feature is that both the individual and the organisation for which they volunteer will have their own expectations of what will be provided and received.

Volunteering is a two-way relationship and expectations which are not met can lead to a breakdown in the relationship as a breach of the psychological contract, resulting in a loss of satisfaction, engagement and commitment. To avoid confusion and help manage expectations, it can be helpful to draw up a volunteer agreement, a role profile (similar to a job description) and, where you have a number of regular volunteer roles, a volunteer policy.

Roots HR are pleased to provide you with a template volunteer agreement (opens Word), free of charge, which you can tailor to your organisation and help to manage expectations between the organisation and the volunteer.

For any other guidance on managing volunteers in your organisation please do email Roots HR CIC.

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