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Trustees forum

Wednesday 1 November 2023
5:00 pm to 6:00pm

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These monthly sessions are open to trustees of members and partners of Visionary. Come along and meet with other trustees to have a conversation about all things related to governance. Each meeting will have a theme, set in advance, for the first part of the session and an open conversation for the second part.

The style of the sessions will be about encouraging trustees to share their experiences and reflect upon the issues discussed. So regardless of whether you feel your charity has it sorted or not, your involvement will be very welcome in supporting other trustees of local sight loss charities.


This year, AI for public use has developed from interesting but limited devices that mimic and read existing content such as Alexa, into systems that can analyse data and create original content such as Chat GPT and Claude. Implications for the sight loss sector are that publicly available tools can hugely boost productivity of organisations (e.g. Grant funding applications) and also produce life changing adaptations for people with sight loss (e.g. BeMyAI’s). This is not the future, this is now, so come along and find out more!

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