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Supporting Children and Young People with Charles Bonnet Syndrome through Awareness and Counselling

Tuesday 18 June 2024
6:00 pm to 7:00pm

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Judith Potts will open the webinar by highlighting the importance of raising awareness about Charles Bonnet Syndrome (CBS) in children. Professor Mariya Moosajee’s research team has demonstrated the prevalence of CBS among children, and Dr. Lee Jones will join us to discuss their ongoing study on how the condition affects children and their families.

We will gain valuable insights from Miles Northwood, who has lived with CBS since childhood, and Nina Chesworth, who developed the condition as a young woman. Their personal experiences will shed light on the challenges faced by those affected by CBS at an early age.

Furthermore, we will explore the potential benefits of counselling for children with CBS and their families, as well as strategies for introducing and explaining the condition to young individuals.  Gemme Ryder, Kent Association for the Blind, will provide guidance on this aspect during the webinar.

This workshop is delivered in partnership between Esme’s Umbrella and Visionary.

Please note: Places are limited to 100 only, therefore pre-registration is required to secure your place.

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