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Rehab Forum

Tuesday 12 December 2023
9:00 am to 10:00am

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Our bi-monthly forum for members involved in delivering rehab services.

The aim of the forum is to provide you with a space to regularly share new ideas and support each other through these difficult times. It will be an opportunity for you to connect with other people working in rehab who are facing similar challenges to talk about real life practical solutions.

Please note: On 10 October 2023, 9am to 10am, a new event, “Being a mum with lived experience” will take place on the same date and time, instead of the regular forum which will be of interest to rehab/hab practitioners or those who manage rehab/hab practitioners, so please register here for this event.

This one off special event will be facilitated by Nina Chesworth, Visionary’s Projects and Campaigns Co-ordinator. Nina will be assisted by her PA. In addition to facilitating, Nina will share her own experiences of being a mum with a varied level of sight. As her son becomes a teenager, they have gone through many changes in Nina’s vision from having some sight in one eye to now being totally blind. Nina will share the challenges and impact of this on being a mum.

Nina will be joined by Audrey Ward, Training and Information Specialist at Visibility Scotland. Audrey is a mum who was sighted when her first son was born and blind when she had her second son. Both Audrey’s boys are now men, and she will share her experiences of that journey.

Nina and Audrey will talk for approximately 10 – 15 minutes each and we will have 30 minutes for questions.


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