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Eye Don’t Understand: A bluffer’s guide to the eye and the common things that can go wrong

Tuesday 15 March 2022
10:00 am to 11:00am

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Part of Visionary’s themed month “Condition Specific” Sessions.  Ideal session for new colleagues, volunteers or anyone wanting to know more.

Please note:

This is a discussion about the anatomy of the eye. The talk concentrates on the functions of the key components of the eye and what happens when they go wrong. The online discussion will use a computer based 3D model to support full spoken descriptions of the key features.  Please get in touch if you have any questions regarding accessibility of the session and we will connect you with the facilitators.

Focus Birmingham’s Sight Loss Support Service delivers specialist training for many providers including universities and specialists organisations such as the Rehabilitation Workers Professional Network. This provides us with good links to many organisations as well as a secondary income stream. During COVID all face to face training was stopped and the opportunities for learning and development significantly restricted. Suspension of the teaching degrees at Aston and Birmingham City University (BCU) was not an option therefore they have had to adapt our training modules to work remotely. Focus Birmingham work with BCU writing and providing training for their foundation rehabilitation course and much of this had to be delivered online. One of the courses that we adapted was our year 1 basic anatomy course. The proposal is to deliver an abridged version of this session as a workshop. They adapted the delivery of the course by using a mixture of free 3D computer models for those with full sight and posted model eyes for those who were visually impaired.

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