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Designing and disseminating a collaborative Low Vision Framework

Tuesday 7 September 2021
2:00 pm to 3:00pm

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The session led by Preeti Singla, Optometry and Low Vision Engagement Manager at RNIB gives Visionary members the opportunity to input into designing a collaborative low vision framework. The aim is to develop a framework that can be easily adopted by as many different low vision service models across the nation as possible.

Low Vision services are currently fragmented and inconsistent. There is a recognised need for more joined up commissioning. Previous profiling of low vision services (LOVSME project, RNIB 2009) has shown that different service models can deliver an equally high quality of care. As long as there is provision of key components, people will still be able to receive the support they need, regardless of the service model.

RNIB are embarking on an extensive stakeholder engagement activity incorporating the essential views of service providers, service users and professional bodies, to establish what these ideal standards of care across low vision services should be. The input of Visionary members, as experts within the low vision arena and key drivers within the profession, is invaluable.

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