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CEO Monthly Session

Tuesday 1 February 2022
10:00 am to 11:00am

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This monthly closed session is open to CEO’s of Visionary member and partner organisations. Take an hour a month from your busy schedule for yourself and enjoy a friendly, supportive and themed conversation with fellow CEO’s. You won’t regret it!

Thank you to everyone who provided valuable and interesting feedback on the CEO sessions.  For our first session of 2022, we will talk about leadership versus management.  How do you juggle leading the organisation with managing it? Do you manage it? Do you lead it? What is the difference? Come along and share your views, thoughts, worries and joys with other CEO’s.

Note: If you previously registered for the weekly CEO Support Sessions, you will still need to register for this new CEO Monthly Session as this is a new event. However, once registered you will be able to join future CEO Monthly Sessions without having to register every month.

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