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Visionary are delighted to announce a new partnership with The Anti-Burnout Club, a certified Social Enterprise on a mission to make wellbeing more accessible for everyone.

All Visionary members and partners are now able to have direct access to The Anti-Burnout Club at the special Visionary rate of £2.99/month (reduced from £9.99/month).  This provides access to use the platform, courses and inspirational well-being resources. You can read more about this project here: The Anti-Burnout Club | Wellbeing Platform for All.

Discount code

If you would like the access The Anti-Burnout Club, please email Raquel for the Visionary discount code.

Information about the Anti-Burnout Club

At The Anti-Burnout Club, our aim is to make self-care accessible for all, and we want to make this even easier for employees and volunteers at charities. The Anti-Burnout Club is a certified Social Enterprise on a mission to make wellbeing more accessible for everyone. We have brought together experts in everything from yoga to CBT therapy to help 1000s improve their physical and mental wellbeing all in one online platform.

What makes the Anti-Burnout Club unique

We know that people often struggle with a lack of time. Our classes and courses have been designed to be ‘bite-sized’, to help you fit wellbeing into your busy life.

When you find what works for you, you are much more likely to stick to it. We provide a wide range of choices to help you find what you love.

We bring together a wide range of experts including psychologists, yoga teachers, nutritional therapists and more. This variety provides you with the tools to improve your wellbeing in one place, for one cost.

A strong social support network is vital for combatting stress and building resilience. Our online community provides friendly support and accountability.

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