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Did you know, if you are blind or partially sighted, you have a legal right to health and social care information in a format that you can read and understand?

However, 77% of people with accessible information needs have reported rarely – or never – receiving this information in alternative formats. This is putting the health of blind and partially sighted people at risk so RNIB are calling on NHS England to provide accessible information.

According to RNIB research, more than half of people with sight loss said it would have a hugely positive impact on quality of life to be able to receive health information in the format they need, which is their legal right.

“Making healthcare information accessible isn’t a luxury or an add-on, it’s every patient’s right.” 

David Aldwinckle, RNIB’s Director of Insight and Customer Voice

RNIB has launched the #MyInfoMyWay campaign, calling for NHS and social care services to make accessible information a reality, and we want to empower blind and partially sighted people to speak up for this vital right.

We’ve created a new guide for blind and partially sighted people, explaining how to request accessible information from NHS and social care services, and what to do if you don’t receive it.

Find out more about the #MyInfoMyWay campaign on the RNIB website, and how to request your information in your required format.


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