Berkshire Vision Receives RNIB’s Visibly Better Employer Accreditation

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Berkshire Vision logo has a rainbow coloured circle on the left hand side and another smaller rainbow circle coloured inside. On the right hand side it says “Berkshire Vision Supporting the Visually Impaired”.

Berkshire Vision logo – Supporting the visually impaired.

Berkshire Vision pride themselves on being an accessible and inclusive employer and are delighted to have been awarded RNIB’s Visibly Better Employer accreditation!

Laura Mitchell, CEO at Berkshire Vision, said “We are delighted to receive the Visibily Better Employer Accreditation.  At Berkshire Vision we are passionate about offering inclusive recruitment and development opportunities – and it means we retain great staff!”

RNIB continually campaigns to change the attitudes of employers, encouraging organisations to be more positive about employing blind and partially sighted people. They have created the Visibly Better Employer Standard, enabling organisations to share their commitment as an accessible and inclusive employer. Organisations which have also received the accreditation include Visionary, Thomas Pocklington Trust, Visionary members Vision Foundation as well as supermarket Tesco.

The accreditation looks at six criteria including, recruitment process, support, and personal development available for staff who are blind or partially sighted. Initially, organisations complete a self-assessment, which is then reviewed by RNIB.  If there are any areas where an organisation can improve, RNIB are able to provide advice, support and in some areas, resources. If you are interested in finding out more or to download the self-assessment form, please head over to the RNIB website – Visibly Better Employer accreditation or contact the RNIB Employment Team to find out more email:


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