You said, we did!

Visionary members are shaping our future!

At our 2019 Visionary Conference we asked you all to answer three questions in relation to what you value about Visionary and what you think our priorities should be moving forward:

• What does Visionary currently do that is important for your organisation?
• What could Visionary do that would be important for your organisation?
• What should our top 3 priorities be to best support our members?

What did you tell us?
You made it clear to us where you see Visionary’s unique and important role in the world and from this we developed three priorities which we have been working to:

Connect: Visionary facilitates positive change by connecting people and organisations across the sight loss sector.
Develop: Visionary develops organisational knowledge to enhance sustainability, create opportunities and stimulate new ways of working.
Share: Visionary shares information, good practice and ideas between members and partners.

So what does this actually mean?
As well as creating our three new headline priorities, you told us more specifically and practically what Visionary should be doing to support you. In response to these suggestions, we have developed practical workstreams under each of our three priorities.

You can read our full report detailing what you said and what we have done here:

Visionary – You Said We Did_Full report

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