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BRAVO VICTOR and BAME Vision recently conducted a rapid evidence review to explore what we know about the experiences of people from minority ethnic communities, living with visual impairment in the UK. We found that very little research has explored their experiences of services and support, including access to information on their eye condition, mental health support and rehabilitation. In addition, we found substantial gaps in what we know about everyday experiences of living with visual impairment, the impact of perceptions of living with sight loss within different communities and any additional cultural barriers or stigma.

Together, BRAVO VICTOR and BAME Vision are currently developing follow-up research to fill some of the gaps identified in the review and to give opportunities to people from different BAME communities to share their experiences. As part of this, we would like to conduct a series of interviews followed by a survey with adults from different ethnic communities, who have a visual impairment. The research will help to identify areas of strength and vulnerability as well as support needs within the individual communities.

To ensure the research is appropriate, relevant and reaches those who are routinely excluded from research, we will be holding an Insight meeting with members of different ethnic communities, both with and without visual impairment.

What is the meeting about?

The purpose of this meeting is not to collect data on individual experiences but to shape the questions we ask and find out how we can best engage with members of your community so that their voices can be heard. For this, we seek your input into the research questions we ask, how we find and approach potential participants, and how we conduct the research. There will be an opportunity to find out more about this project and to get involved as an Insight champion.

Who can attend?

Members of a minority ethnic community in the UK with or without visual impairment who would like to shape research into the experiences of living with visual impairment within their community.

Why should I attend?

Considering the increased risk of visual impairment and the health inequalities experienced by some ethnic communities, it is important that you are included in research and your voice matters. This is your opportunity to make this research appropriate and relevant for your community.

Please register your interest to the relevant meeting by sending an email to

Wednesday 3rd May 2023

Time:  10.30am – 12pm

Where:  Online on zoom


Thursday 4th May 2023

Time: 6.30 – 8pm

Where: Online on Zoom

You only need to book onto one of the above meetings, as they will be the same.  We would like to hear from people from ethnic minority groups from across the UK.

We look forward to you joining our initial meetings to find out more.  To join either of the sessions, email  BAME Vision

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