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On Sunday 17 October 2021, Torch Trust will be celebrating “Sight Loss Sunday”. This is a brand new initiative, coinciding with World Sight Day, designed to encourage churches to think about the people in their congregations with sight loss.

In addition to promoting the message of inclusion, resources will be made available to enable people with sight loss to play a part in leading the church service on that day, such as by reading a passage of scripture, leading the prayers, being part of the music group or preaching the sermon. It is hoped that churches will take this opportunity to consider how people with sight loss who would like to use their gifts, talents and abilities in the life of the church can do so on a more regular basis.

The resources will be released gradually during August and September and made available at no cost on Torch’s “Sight Loss Friendly Church” website. A mixture of text and audio/visual options for all age groups will be included.

Torch would really appreciate your help in spreading the word, either to local churches with which you have a good relationship, or to service users who might like to involve their churches. For more information, visit Torch’s “Sight Loss Friendly Church” website.

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