World Blindness Summit Madrid 2021

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World Blindness Summit Madrid 2021 logo in colours of the rainbow. Image of an eye with a figure of a person walking with a cane in the centre of the eye.

The UK Delegation of the World Blind Union Summit invite you to the World Blindess Summit Madrid 2021.

Every 4 years the World Blind Union, holds a summit for “the largest international gathering of people who are blind or have low vision, working to build together a better future.” Registration is free and allows access to nearly 50 online conference and webinars during the General Assembly, 28 to 30 June with voting (WBU business 21 to 25 June). For full details of the World Blindness Summit Madrid 2021, go to the World Blind Union website.

You can register here. Registrations require to be completed by 5 June 2021.

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