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Published 27 November 2023.

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At our recent Visionary Annual Conference, we hosted a workshop which focused on Collaborative Campaigning and there was a great appetite for Visionary to increase our support for members in relation to campaigning.  Following on from this, and feedback from across our membership, we are developing a Visionary campaigns task and finish group which will explore how we can support our members who are interested in campaigning. Nina Chesworth from Visionary and Scott Jobson from MySight York will facilitate the group and move it forward.

We are hoping to gather members from across all three countries to look at how we can connect, share, develop and inspire through campaigning. The task and finish group will discuss how Visionary can give our members an opportunity to share their thoughts, concerns and ideas around campaigning and also explore how we can develop a stronger campaigning relationship with national partners.

This is at the very early stages and our first online meeting will be on Thursday 18 January 2024 at 2pm for one hour.

If you would like to be a part of the group, please email Nina by Friday 8 December 2023 and we will ensure you are included in the invitation. Equally, if this is something you don’t feel will benefit your organisation, please email Nina with your thoughts on that too.


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