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We are very pleased to have joined Coalition for Personalised Care (C4PC).

The Coalition for Personalised Care is the single largest partnership of people and organisations in the country which comes together solely to focus on personalised health and care. As the national membership organisation for local sight loss charities, Visionary connects organisations, develop skills and share information and best practice from across our network, this is a similar way to way in which C4PC works.

Also like Visionary, C4PC can be described as a ‘network of networks’, consisting of over 55 national partners. The breadth and diversity of their network help to gather unique insight, share learning, highlight challenges and encourage change.

Visionary CEO, Fiona Sandford, is delighted we have joined C4PC, stating:

“Our aim is to help create a world where Blind and Partially Sighted people can access the services they want, often best delivered locally, when and where they want them. We are looking forward to being part of the Coalition, sharing information and knowledge, joining in with collaborative discussions.”

This emphasis on valuing and enabling appropriate and timely care and support is aligned with the personal choice and supported self-management components of the Comprehensive Model of Personalised Care.

C4PC Programme Manager, Emma Geldart, explained that:

“Visionary’s extensive knowledge of visual impairment service provision gathered from over 120 organisations will be an invaluable asset to the growing Coalition. Their contribution and involvement will increase the breadth and scope of areas in which C4PC can participate and influence.”

You can find out more about C4PC news and events on their website.

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