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RNIB logo – See differently.

Ian Bruce, Vice President at RNIB and President for the Centre for Charity Effectiveness, has written a book for today’s charity leaders and managers.

The late twentieth century saw charities grow from timid service deliverers into major providers with campaigning teeth and fundraising competence, and today’s charities have much to learn from the successes and mistakes of this dynamic period. His new book, #VisionChangingCharity: RNIB in Socio-Political Context 1970-2010 (published by The Lutterworth Press), examines how and why this happened through the lens of RNIB.

Reviewers say this is a “must read” for people interested in charity, especially leaders and managers.

Get 20% off by pre-ordering before 23 February 2023. Find out more on The Lutterworth Press website.


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