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Thomas Pocklington Trust call on Visionary members to share Access to Work Survey with service users as part of their #MakeWorkAccessible campaign.

As most of you will know, blind and partially sighted (BPS) people can claim Government support with employment for things like specialist equipment via the Access to Work Scheme. However, despite  new resources being directed to DWP to process claims more quickly, most visual impairment organisations remain concerned that the programme is no longer fit for purpose.

Recent backlogs often caused application processes to last six months or longer, delaying BPS people’s start dates and, in the worst cases, prompting job offer retractions. To make matters worse, the fact remains that only one in four blind or partially sighted people of working age are employed.

Our #MakeWorkAccessible campaign begins with a simple survey to learn from BPS people’s recent ATW experiences. If use of these new resources fail to bring about the changes we need to see in process time and quality, genuine views from BPS people will not just give our work the ring of authenticity, but should also yield useful data to emphasise just how serious this is.

Any help Visionary members can give their service users to complete this survey, and any relevant personal experience you can bring to the table, is very valuable to this work.

Complete the online Access to Work survey here by the end of August 2023 and help the sector turn up the volume. We can’t continue to have BPS people reporting that they hesitate to seek work because of the very scheme that should make it possible!


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