To celebrate Payroll Giving Month, Visionary members can take advantage of 50% reduced acquisition fees when signing up to GoodPAYE!

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GoodPAYE, a professional fundraising organisation that is revolutionising payroll giving, is offering a 50% reduction on any new supporter acquisition fees for the month of February (Payroll Giving Month), exclusive for Visionary members.

February 2023 will see a celebration of 35 years of payroll giving with a whole month dedicated to raising awareness of this impactful – and under-utilised – form of charitable giving. As charities across the country find themselves still feeling the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and now the cost-of-living crisis, payroll giving is quickly becoming the most impactful way that people can support causes close to them, with regular tax-free donations.

Having launched in 2022 as a joint venture between Barnardo’s, Crisis, The Royal British Legion, RNIB and WaterAid, GoodPAYE aims to increase both the accessibility and uptake of payroll giving through bringing much-needed innovation and disruption to the market.

In their quest to use Payroll Giving Month to encourage new supporter sign ups, GoodPAYE is also running a number of employer-facing promotions throughout the month. These include matching every employee’s first donation if they support one of GoodPAYE’s charity partners, and donating £10 to the company’s charity of choice for every new employee that signs up throughout the month.

“ Working with GoodPAYE led to one of the easiest benefits implementations that we have completed. Their payroll guidance documentation was extremely simple
and clear. They also completed most of the heavy lifting and were very responsive to our needs. The portal makesthingsreally easy to process and view and it’s great
we’re able to offer thisto staff."

Alex Taylor, HR Manager, Crisis

To take advantage of this exclusive introductory offer for Visionary members, please email  Email GoodPAYE. More information about GoodPAYE can be found on the GoodPAYE website

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