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Published 4 December 2024.

Thomas Pocklington Trust logo. Large TPT letters with the words Thomas Pocklington Trust underneath enclosed in a rectangle. Letters, words and the rectangle border are a dark blue. Within the P of TPT is a small round eye looking upwards.

Thomas Pocklington Trust logo.

The updated website design is modern, user-friendly and easy to navigate, showcasing our commitment to creating an inclusive and accessible online space.

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our redesigned website, now live at

The website has undergone a comprehensive update to align with our current work and strategy. We want to improve “Key Life Chances” so that blind and partially sighted people have the same life chances as everyone else. Namely, a good education with choices in transitioning to secondary school, college or university; positive employment with equal opportunity to progress; to keep fit and healthy and to feel fully included in the fabric of society.

Please do take a moment to explore the site and learn more about our ongoing initiatives, campaigns and activities aimed at addressing the challenges faced by the blind and partially sighted community. The new content is led by lived experience featuring new audio described video and recent case of studies.

In sync with the website launch, we have streamlined our email domain to Please update your records with our new email addresses.

Thank you for your continued support.  We look forward to hearing from you on our new email addresses and wish you a fun, festive season and very best wishes for 2024.

All the team at Thomas Pocklington Trust.


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