“Take on 250” fundraising a success for Visionary members

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Take on 250

Take on 250 logo on pink splash.

For the third year running, Visionary members have taken part in the sight loss sector’s “Take on 250” fundraising challenge to raise money for their own organisations and raise awareness of sight loss.

This year, 34 Visionary members registered for the “Take on 250” fundraising scheme which raises awareness 250 people a day lose their sight. “Take on 250” was launched in January 2022 in partnership with the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) Visionary and Visionary members. The fundraising involves doing 250, 25.0 or 2.50 of a particular activity of a person’s choosing for sponsorship, such as walking 250 miles or swimming 250 laps.

Following on from last year’s success of “Take on 250”, the RNIB have once again supported Visionary members by producing a toolkit of valuable resources for the project which members can edit with their photos, logos etc.  The  Take on 250 toolkit is available in the members area of the Knowledge Hub in the Take on 250 section (registration required) and includes editable resources: posters, flyers, social media templates and information sheet, as well as ideas for fundraisers and much more.

"In January 2022 Coventry Resource Centre for the Blind staff, did a combined 250km static bike ride in the kitchen at our centre and it got some positive attention from our service users and volunteers who donated for it. Also, one of our service users, Carol, whose guide dog died earlier in 2021 decided to get her church to sponsor her for her 250 minutes of pounding the streets around her home learning how to use her long cane again. Combined efforts, we raised about £900 if I recall."

"In January 2023, two of our blind/ partially sighted staff members who were just starting out with guided running, supported by a local community running group, decided to each run 250km in support of the campaign. Chris and Claire ended up running 250 miles each and the campaign was fantastic for publicity as it was covered by Cov and Warks local radio. We ran this campaign on Just Giving mainly and raised nearly £2000 – that’s a lot for us! They were also nominated for the CWR Make a Difference awards and came highly commended out of the final 4 in the fundraising category."

Coventry Resource Centre for the Blind

One Visionary member, North East Sensory Services (NESS) is already planning more ideas for future “Take on 250” challenges.

"Two are hoping to get the local schools on board as well as our YPSS groups in Aberdeen, Dundee, Elgin & Moray areas, We are also going to send out a message to our service users and supporters of NESS via our social media sites to encourage others to do their own 250 challenge to raise funding for NESS, hopefully the wider population in and around our various offices might pick up on this too.”

North East Sensory Services

“Take on 250” has been a great opportunity for collaboration, for Visionary members to share their ideas, successes and areas they want to work on in future. Thank you to RNIB for your continued support! Why not begin your “Take on 250” fundraiser by taking inspiration from the ideas in the Take on 250 toolkit and using the resources available, so you don’t have to start from scratch.


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