Students with vision impairment can get finance-ready for university with Student Dosh

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Thomas Pocklington Trust.

Like most students due to start university or college this Autumn, those with vision impairment (VI) will be looking at how to finance their studies. And help is at hand with a new guide to getting finance-ready at university, created by MyBnk in partnership with Thomas Pocklington Trust.

Student Dosh logo with 5 male and female students huddled together, smiling and giving a thumbs up

Student Dosh logo with 5 male and female students huddled together, smiling and giving a thumbs up

Designed specifically for students with VI, Student Dosh covers everything they need to know – from banking accessibility to information on overdrafts and how to budget, including additional support on financing studies. There is also a useful ‘budget calculator’ to help students identify what money they have coming in and what they have to spend, so they can plan and manage their finances.

Student Dosh is available from the Thomas Pocklington Trust website:

Tara Chattaway, Student Support Service Manager at TPT, said: “I am delighted to launch this new guide from MyBnk, which is a UK charity that delivers financial education programmes to young people.

“This thorough online guide on managing money while at university, covers loans and overdrafts and how to apply, how to make money go further and advice on accessibility options offered by banks.

“These resources complement a wide range of information that can found on our website on Disabled Students’ Allowance and how to apply, finding a place during clearing, support during COVID-19, life in Higher Education and more”.

Guy Rigden, CEO, MyBnk said: ““This project will have a big impact at a key transitional moment. For many young people managing money at university can be challenging and stressful. These resources will equip them with the skills, knowledge and confidence to tackle their finances so they can enjoy their uni experience”.

Tara added: “We know starting university can be challenging under normal circumstances for anyone with vision impairment, but in the current crisis it is going to be even more difficult. This is why we have created information around a whole host of topics”.

Students who have specific concerns or questions around starting Further or Higher education can contact the team via the Student Support Line 0203 757 8040 or via email:

They can also join the Student Support Facebook group to gain or share advice, ask questions and connect with those going through similar situations in a positive, supportive environment.

For more information visit:


For further information or images please contact: Penny Wilkinson, Thomas Pocklington Trust, / 07974 578 637.

Editors’ Notes

About Thomas Pocklington Trust

Thomas Pocklington Trust is a national charity dedicated to enabling and empowering blind and partially sighted people of all ages to live the life they want to lead. We are committed to increasing awareness and understanding of their needs and aspirations, to working with partners and to developing and implementing services which meet these needs to increase independence and improve lives. These include:

  • Acting as an advocate and positive change agent for blind and partially sighted people.
  • Creating opportunities for blind and partially sighted people seeking employment.
  • Enabling opportunities and supporting blind and partially sighted people whilst in and entering education.
  • Facilitating the voice and encouraging self-determination of blind and partially sighted people.
  • Being an effective partner and grant funder based on our knowledge of the sector.

About MyBnk

MyBnk is a UK charity that delivers expert-led financial education programmes to 5-25 year olds in schools and youth organisations and online. Together with young people, they have created innovative, high impact and high energy workshops that bring money to life.

They cover topics such as saving, budgeting, debt, independent living and public and student finance. Alongside delivery and homes school resources, they also design projects and training programmes. Since 2007 they have helped over 250,000 young people learn how to manage their money.

Student Dosh is part of Money Mechanics, a ground-breaking financial education programme aimed at boosting the financial capability and inclusion of young Deaf and blind people in the UK.

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