Slimming World Camelon ‘Take on 250’ for Forth Valley Sensory Centre Group pledges to collectively lose 250lbs in January

Image is a photo of 3 people standing alongside a display table.  The table features information and posters about Slimming World and Forth Valley Sensory Centre

Slimming World Camelon members have pledged to lose 250lbs of weight together in January as they accept the ‘Take on 250’ challenge for Forth Valley Sensory Centre. With 250 people each day losing their sight in the UK the Take on 250 challenge is designed to remind everyone to take good care of their eyes.

Throughout January, the members of Slimming World Camelon, which meets each week at Forth Valley Sensory Centre, will be recording their progress and it is hoped the group will lose 250lbs together over the course of the month.

Slimming World Group Consultant, Sandra McEwan said:

“January is always a time when people think more about their health and weight loss is one of the most common goals. We’ll be making sure that our members lose the weight safely, in a way that means it stays off too!

“We are hoping to raise £250 at least through sponsorship but hopefully we will get a little bit more. One of our members, Erin Callan, works for Diageo and has already secured match funding from them as part of their employee programme which is great news!

“Being based here at the Centre has really shown us some of the challenges that people with sensory conditions face on a daily basis so we are delighted to be able to provide some support to the charity and also help raise awareness of sight loss and some of the causes.”


The aim of  Take on 250 challenge is for smaller, local charities to encourage support from the community by asking people to find their own 250 challenge this January.   The challenge is the collaborative work of Visionary’s Fundraisers Forum and has been supported by RNIB,

Forth Valley Sensory Centre Chief Executive, Jacquie Winning commented:

“This is fantastic support from Sandra and Slimming World. January is very much the time for thinking about our health and wellbeing but there are real benefits. Being overweight can lead to a number of health concerns, including diabetes or strokes, both of which can have a serious effect on eyesight so Slimming World members are improving their physical health but also protecting their eye health. We hope it all goes brilliantly and can’t wait to see the results at the end of January.”

Slimming World meets each Wednesday at the Centre from 5:30pm. Anyone wishing to join or support the members in their challenge, can contact Sandra via their facebook page (search for @SlimmingWorldCamelon) or call Sandra on 07803 172 441.

If you are looking for your own challenge for 2022 or just want to support a local charity, you can take part in The Kiltwalk on behalf of the Centre. Buy any gifts or sale items through the portal, just choose Forth Valley Sensory Centre as your charity. Co-op members can also choose us as their charity for this year or, you can donate directly via  we receive 100 percent of your donation!

Find out more about our work on our website at or follow us on social media @FVSensoryCentre

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