Sightline celebrates 20 years helping reduce loneliness and isolation in the sight loss community.

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Sightline logo - Telephone befriending

Sightline logo – Telephone befriending

This year (2023), Sightline is celebrating 20 years of friendship over the phone for people who are visually impaired.

Sightline’s telephone-based befriending service is designed to reduce loneliness and isolation in the visually impaired community. Regular phone-based befriending is arranged at a convenient time for both parties and allows volunteers to give their time from any location.

“Sightline is now supporting more than 100 visually impaired people with the help of 50 volunteers, many of whom are themselves visually impaired. Each person receives a weekly call, the average call time being around 40 minutes, although a few last well over an hour.”

“The ever-increasing demand for our service, following the creation of closer working relationships with RNIB, Guide Dogs and many other sight loss charities, has created a need for more volunteers, so if you know anybody with a spare hour each week for a friendly chat from the comfort of their own home, then we’d love to hear from them.”

Ian Edwards, Charity Director

Have a listen to the reasons why Peter and Eleanor choose to volunteer with Sightline – YouTube.

During a cost-of-living crisis, a service that is FREE and can be accessed from their front room is, as highlighted in feedback from our Service Users, a lifeline in many cases. Sightline’s telephone befriending service provides an opportunity for visually impaired people to talk to someone who can provide friendship and support.

Sightline is always looking for new opportunities to work with other Visionary members so if you want to know please visit the Sightline website or give us a call on 0800 587 2252.


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