Sight Loss: what we needed to know booklet updated and shorter version available to order

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The ‘Sight Loss: what we needed to know’ booklet has been updated and is now available to order. It’s shorter than the first version, with fewer personal stories and pictures, which makes it more cost effective to print.

The booklet is mentioned on the England CVI form and should be given to people when they are certified as sight impaired / severely sight impaired. There is a tick box on the CVI form as a reminder.

We have worked with Visionary, Vision UK, the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS), Blind Veterans UK, Guide Dogs, and The Royal College of Ophthalmologists on this update.

Copies can be viewed and downloaded from the RNIB website.

To order copies of the booklet please email and provide the following information:

  • Number of copies required (max 50)
  • Full delivery address (including postcode)

Please only order what is needed as we have printed just enough for those being certified. If you are not currently in clinic, please consider delaying an order until you know when you will be back and able to use the booklets.

We will aim to process orders as soon as possible (current SLA is 7 working days), but please be patient as there may be delays.

Source: RNIB

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