Sight for Surrey centenary raffle raises £6,600

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Sight for Surrey logo - Sensory Services by Sight for Surrey.

Last Wednesday 11th January, the new CEO of Sight for Surrey, Clare Burgess, drew the 22 winning tickets of the charity’s Centenary Raffle, alongside Sight for Surrey’s retiring Chief Executive, Bob Hughes. The raffle raised £6,600 for the charity that supports people in Surrey with a sight and or hearing loss.

Clare Burgess and Bob Hughes drawing raffle tickets.

Clare Burgess and Bob Hughes drawing raffle tickets.

Clare Burgess, previously CEO of Surrey Coalition of Disabled people, took over the reins from Bob Hughes, who led the charity for nearly 10 years. First prize was £250, 2nd prize an afternoon tea at the beautiful Wotton House, Dorking and 3rd prize was a £50 voucher for a delicious Indian meal at Chatora Restaurant –  all winners have been contacted with the good news!

“Our Centenary Raffle has raised a significant amount of money for Sight for Surrey, and we thank everyone that has sold tickets to family and friends, or bought tickets themselves. Every penny raised will go towards providing help and support to people in Surrey with a sensory loss.”

Clare Burgess, CEO of Sight for Surrey

Sight for Surrey is a charity that supports people who are blind, vision impaired, Deaf, deafblind and hard of hearing in Surrey and celebrated their Centenary in 2022. The charity are looking for schools, clubs and individuals to join them in raising funds for the charity in their 101st year. If you would like to take part in a fundraising challenge then please contact


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