Segmentation research: request for support from Visionary members

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        Thomas Pocklington Trust.

What is this research project?

Guide Dogs, RNIB and Thomas Pocklington Trust are funding research to improve understanding of the needs of blind and partially sighted people. The aim is to listen to different sections of this broad audience in more detail and better define and understand their specific attitudes and needs. Almost 800 people will be interviewed.

The findings of the research will be published in early to mid-2021. Guide Dogs, RNIB and TPT will share the findings with Visionary and other partners in the eye health and sight loss sector. This will benefit local organisations in planning of services and as part of the wider evidence available to support business cases and funding bids.

What support would you like from Visionary members?

Having spoken with Visionary about this research prior to COVID-19, we are now restarting this project and would like to work with Visionary members to encourage participation in this research from blind and partially sighted people. We do not want to incur any additional work for Visionary member organisations, so our hope is that this would be in the form of promotion within current newsletters and other communications sent to Visionary members’ members rather than any separate mailings. We have attached a press release which can be used to provide detail about the research or click on this link.

Press release for Charities call for participation in landmark research 24082020

How will the research be undertaken?

Specialist researchers at Good Innovation and Insight Angels have been commissioned to carry out this project. The interviews will be conducted by our fieldwork agency, DJS Research. They will be talking to people about a wide variety of topics including their eye health, their general health and wellbeing, their education, employment, benefits and finances, their use of technology and leisure activities and the support they need at home. But most importantly we will also be exploring their attitudes to life and what they think would improve the quality of their life.

How will people take part?

Participation is entirely voluntary and people will be asked to register their interest. People can withdraw from the study at any time and all data is anonymised. To register interest in taking part, people are asked to call 0161 507 7360, email or visit

Will you need personal data, if so, will this be anonymised and safely stored?

The researchers will need to collect some personal data but this will be safely stored in line with the Market Research Society Code of Conduct and all data will be aggregated and anonymised in the analysis. This personal data will not be shared with Guide Dogs, RNIB or TPT.

Where can I get more details if I have further questions about this project?

Please contact Phil Ambler, Thomas Pocklington Trust via who will be happy to answer queries from any Visionary member organisations.

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