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Image is the RINB logo. RNIB is in black text above a pink line. See Differntly is written underneath the pink line

RNIB logo – See differently.

RNIB Consumer and Business Services provide observed user testing to a variety of commercial organisations and this critical service provision helps to ensure their products and services are designed to meet the needs of blind and partially sighted people.

We are seeking blind and partially sighted people to become user testers. This could be completing a set of tasks on a website or app or a physical product i.e. shower/ bank card or television.

The user testing session consists of no more than 6 tasks and these are conducted either virtually by Microsoft Teams or Zoom or in our Peterborough or London offices.

All travel expenses are paid and all testers receive complimentary vouchers of £40.

If you or you know members who would be interested please contact

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