Run, Walk or Crawl around England, Wales and Scotland!

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The race that’s not a race!

Central image says "Run, Walk, Crawl, The race that's not a race" and has images of person running, walking and crawling. Bottom left hand of image says "RWC 1240 miles".

We know that life is tough for everyone at the moment and that lockdown presents practical and emotional challenges which affect all of us. The sheer monotony of it all can feel overwhelming. That’s why Stuart Clayton, CEO of Galloways decided to do something in an attempt to give everyone something else to focus on, connect people across the country and celebrate a common goal…having a bit of fun!

This is a virtual event for teams of up to 6 colleagues and the best bit…you don’t have to be fit to get involved because it’s a “race that’s not a race”! Together, we will go on a journey around England, Wales and Scotland taking in some of the amazing countryside, connecting with other colleagues working in different parts of the country, sharing your stories and yes, having a laugh!

For now, note the date in your diary – our Great Big Adventure will start on Wednesday 3 March and finish on Tuesday 13 April 2021.

We all know the benefits of physical exercise on our physical and mental well being and that we all crave the opportunity to break the monotony. It’s not about winning the “race that’s not a race”, or even how far you can travel. It’s about having something positive to focus on, connecting with others and enjoying the ride. Please spread the word and join us on this one-off journey!

This “Run, Walk, Crawl virtual race that’s not a race” can be run anywhere. You can run, walk, hike, even crawl, the race distance wherever and whenever you want. You can run or walk indoors on a treadmill, around your neighbourhood or hike the trails. You don’t even have to plan anything. Just use one of the free apps to measure the number of steps you take around the house, when you are out shopping or even when you are pacing up and down on that work call.

Click here to download a poster to share with your colleagues. If you would like this poster in alternative format please contact

Interested? Watch this space …


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