RNIB Referrals to Sight Loss Organisations: Quarterly Update

Visionary and RNIB are working in partnership to ensure that people living with sight loss are aware of the range of services available, especially those provided by local sight loss organisations. It is now more important than ever that information is shared across organisations to ensure people can benefit from the wide range of services provided by local and national organisations.

To support this sector-wide response, Thomas Pocklington Trust (TPT) have funded a 12-month project to improve the quality of online information available about local sight loss charities. A Digital Engagement Officer, Alex Wallis, started working with RNIB and Visionary in February 2021 and is reaching out to local and regional organisations to establish the services currently offered, and how they can ensure their information is updated regularly.  Alex will also be increasing awareness and engagement with sector wide digital tools such as Sight Advice FAQ and Sightline Directory. To get in touch with Alex about this please contact him via email.

As part of the initiative, RNIB are sharing data on the volume of referrals and signposts made to other organisations in the sector. In the quarter 1 January – 30 March 2021, there were 709 direct referrals and 1669 instances of signposting to local sight loss charities from RNIB ECLOs, telephone-based Sight Loss Advisers and their wider Helpline team.

The regional breakdown is represented in the table below which has three columns and 17 rows:

Region External Referral Signposting
East Midlands 24 80
East of England 108 79
Isle of Man 8 0
Jersey 0 2
London 14 89
North East 8 27
North West 76 215
Northern Ireland 5 14
Scotland 76 240
South East 65 231
South West 120 259
Unknown 0 65
Wales 44 74
West Midlands 127 202
Yorkshire and the Humber 34 92
Total 709 1669

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