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Can you support RNIB’s #OutOfSight campaign and petition, calling on political parties to prioritise vision rehabilitation services?

Done well, vision rehabilitation is a service which equips people with sight loss with new ways to stay independent: to get out and about, adapt their work, shop and enjoy hobbies.

New RNIB research has exposed the stark reality of vision rehabilitation services and the effect this is having on blind and partially sighted people:

  • 86 per cent of the local authorities in England missed the 28-day recommended deadline to undertake a vital vision rehabilitation assessment.
  • A quarter of local authorities in England had left people waiting over a year for support in 2022/23.

Because of this, RNIB is launching a major new campaign, #OutOfSight, to ask all political parties in this election year to commit to ensuring people with sight loss get the emotional and practical support they need, when they need it. You can read RNIB’s full Out of Sight report and more here.

On the RNIB website, there is also an interactive map of vision rehabilitation provision across England. This map shows how in the financial year 2022/23, over 2000 people were left waiting more than six months to receive a vital vision rehabilitation assessment before they could receive the support they need to live independently and confidently – despite a legal right to this.

Vision rehabilitation is out of sight: under-resourced with a patchwork of provision across England leaving thousands of people isolated and at risk of accidents and injuries. RNIB is therefore calling for these vital services to be brought in line with other social care services, with defined quality standards, national monitoring and oversight, professionalisation of the vision rehabilitation workforce and simpler routes in to support. In this election year, RNIB will be taking this campaign to each of the political parties, but we need to demonstrate how many people care deeply about this issue.

Please sign and share the #OutOfSight campaign petition here to show your support.

If you would like to post in support of the campaign on social media, RNIB’s suggested post is:

Everyone with sight loss has a legal right to support, but too many people are left #OutOfSight. We support @RNIB’s call on all UK political parties to commit to ensuring people get the support they need. Join us in signing the petition now: – RNIB campaigns | #OutOfSight campaign petition.


Edited 21 March 2023

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