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Following up on the issuing of the interim Rehabilitation guidance (Visionary Briefing 2 September 2020) the RNIB campaigns team are directly contacting all 151 English Councils, in particular the lead member (an elected Councillor) responsible for Adult Social Care.

The aim of this is to raise awareness of the effectiveness of and investment in vision rehabilitation services. See below the email RNIB have sent asking for a number of pieces of information.

We know that almost 25% of Visionary members deliver VI rehab services upon behalf of their local councils, so you may well get asked by your council to help provide information in response to this RNIB campaign. Or you may want to check how your local authority is responding.

The Visionary Members Consultative Group (MCG) is meeting this week and will discuss how to further engage with this campaign. If you have any feedback then please do contact your regional rep or ourselves direct.

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