Retina UK has new website Unlock Genetics

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Retina UK logo with white font on navy blue background and a white line at the top and bottom with 3 squares next to these.  Unlock Genetics logo - Letters of 'unlock' are in separate squares and 'Genetics' is underneath this.

Retina UK have a new website Unlock Genetics which aims to increase awareness about the importance of genetic testing and genetic counselling in the inherited sight loss community. Raising awareness will empower people to make fully informed decisions about their lives, healthcare and family planning.

Tina Houlihan, Chief Executive of Retina UK and volunteers Bhavini Makwana and Martin Hills spoke on BBC Radio 4’s In Touch programme on 1 June 2021 about genetic testing and genetic counselling for sight loss as well as discussing future treatment. Listen to the “A genetics special – the role of genetics in treating sight loss” interview on BBC Sounds (18:29). Please note, if you do not have a BBC account, you will need to register first.

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