Reasonable Adjustments in Schools Guidance – developed by Guide Dogs in partnership with NatSIP

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Children and young people with vision impairment often face barriers in education that puts them at a disadvantage compared to their sighted peers.

‘Reasonable adjustments’ are the changes schools are required to make to help overcome these barriers and ensure all students can take part in education on the same basis.

Designed to support anyone working across early years, schools or other educational settings, this guidance details the legal requirements for schools across England, Wales and Scotland, how and when to put in place adjustments, and provides a wide range of practical tips and examples to ensure students with a vision impairment are supported.

This is intended to be a vital resource for educators, local authorities, SEND professionals and anyone focussed on inclusive education, as well as a valuable tool for young people themselves and their parents or guardians.

Further information and the guide is available here – Reasonable Adjustments in Schools – Guide Dogs.


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