‘Please give me space’ launches 22 September 2020

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Visionary is supporting the ‘Please give me space’ initiative which is set to launch 22 September 2020. It has been spearheaded by the RNIB and Hidden Disabilities Sunflower scheme and is endorsed by the cabinet office. It has been developed in response to the difficulties that many people, including those with sight loss have to endure in trying to maintain social distance. This campaign is to raise awareness that there are many reasons why someone may find it difficult and to recognise that if you see someone wearing the sign, please give them space.

Please give me space logo

Please give me space logo

We know this is a massive issue for people with sight loss. There are many free resources that you can access if you want to get involved. ‘Please give me space’ optional badges can be used to show that the carrier may have difficulties or concerns in maintaining social distancing. The digital and print badges can be used to signal to others around them that they need to pay attention and be given space. Go to the government website to find out more and to download the badge.

What ‘Please give me space’ will be doing:

  1. Sharing on their social platforms an information animation that features visual impairment as an example how challenging social distancing can be.
  2. Inviting charities to join them in the generating greater awareness and sharing with their members.
  3. Providing free training to businesses to form part of their customer service training.
  4. Providing free products to download including, posters, print out card, image for mobile phone to use as a screen saver and badge.
  5. Products to purchase from our website, lanyards, ID cards, face masks, snoods, pin badges and tabards.

If you would like to support ‘Please give me space’ and raise awareness of social distancing issue need from Charities please email Chantal Boyle with a paragraph about your charity and what services you deliver and support and include your URL and logo. Also a paragraph (on why you are supporting ‘Please give me space’ (150 words).

To help spread awareness to your members and networks ‘Please give me space’ will supply you with social posts, animation, logo imagery. You can:

  • Use your communication channels; i.e. email bulletins, charity magazines, shop outlets, social platforms etc.
  • Host ‘Please give me space’ on your website to direct your members to more information about ‘Please give me space’ who can supply the website text.

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