NHS Talking Therapies campaign highlighted for Mental Health Awareness Week

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It is Mental Health Awareness Week, 13 to 19 May 2024 and the NHS are reminding everyone they can access support with NHS Talking Therapies service.

The NHS is encouraging anyone struggling with feelings of depression, or anxiety such as excessive worry, panic attacks, social anxiety, post-traumatic stress, or obsessions and compulsions, to seek help through NHS Talking Therapies service. These are effective, confidential and free treatments delivered by trained clinicians, online, on the phone, or in person.

If you’re struggling with feelings of depression or anxiety, seeking help through an NHS Talking Therapies service can be one of the best steps you can take to overcome mental health issues and get back on track.

NHS Talking Therapies can help provide support and treatment for common mental health problems, such as:

  • feeling anxious
  • feeling low and hopeless
  • having panic attacks
  • finding it hard to cope with work, life or relationships
  • struggling with flashbacks or nightmares about upsetting events from your past
  • feeling stressed
  • worrying a lot
  • obsessive thoughts or behaviours
  • fear of social situations
  • being afraid of things, such as spiders, flying or heights (phobias)

You do not need to have a diagnosed mental health problem to refer yourself to an NHS Talking Therapies service. Getting support as soon as you start having difficulties can help to reduce their impact.

Talking therapies are now also available in British Sign Language (BSL) through SignHealth’s Psychological Therapy Service. All therapists are fluent in BSL and some can also support deaf people who do not sign. This means therapists have the skills and cultural understanding to provide one-to-one therapy for Deaf people which improves communication and makes it easier for the patient and the therapist to form a relationship.

Your GP can refer you for NHS Talking Therapies, or you can refer yourself at nhs.uk/talk. or SignHealth’s NHS Therapies for Deaf People service at signhealth.org.uk.

Resources have been produced in alternative formats including large print, audio, BSL and braille versions.

All assets are available on the Campaign Resource Centre (CRC) and some are also below.


NHS Talking therapies – Paul’s note to self | NHS (BSL) – YouTube – A one minute video with captions and BSL featuring Paul, talking about his experience of using NHS Talking Therapies. Paul’s mental health issues began during his time as a police officer, where he was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. He self-referred to NHS Talking Therapies and received cognitive behavioural therapy and counselling over a period of 18 months. These services gave him the tools to help him cope on a daily basis. He now volunteers to help others who are in the same situation and is helping the NHS raise awareness of vital mental health services.

Treatment for depression and anxiety | NHS Talking Therapies – YouTube – A two minute and 32 seconds video with captions and BSL explaining how Talking Therapies works.


NHS Talking Therapies Standard Poster A4 (PDF, 2 MB) NHS Talking Therapies Large Print Poster (PDF, 115 KB)

For more information, visit nhs.uk/talk. Alternatively, to find out more about SignHealth’s NHS Therapies for Deaf People service visit signhealth.org.uk.


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