New Visionary member and partner benefit – Volunteero’s volunteer management app

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We’re excited to announce our new partnership with Volunteero where Visionary members and partners can benefit from 10% discount when purchasing Volunteero’s volunteer management app. The app has been built in direct partnership with UK charities and volunteers and is designed to simplify the volunteer management experience by maximising efficiency and minimising stress.

Volunteero is committed to providing a website, web app and mobile app that are accessible to the widest possible audience, regardless of technology or ability, actively working to increase the accessibility and usability of their platform and in doing so adhere to many of the available standards and guidelines.

You can find out more about Volunteero in this short video by James Colclough, Head of Growth at Volunteero.

We’re delighted to have James join our monthly, online Zoom Volunteer Coordinators Forum (registration required) on 18 October 2023, 11am to 12pm to tell us more about Volunteero and the offer available to Visionary members, so please join us.

Please email Raquel Garrido-Soriano to access this benefit.

Check out the Members and Partners benefits brochure on the Knowledge Hub – Member and Partner benefits section (registration required) for all the great offers available to subscribed members and partners.


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