New Visionary member and partner benefit – Making Products and Services Accessible to All!

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RNIB Business Services Logo

RNIB Business Services Logo

We’re excited to announce our partnership with the Consumer and Business Services at RNIB who can make products and services accessible to all and are offering Visionary members and partners cost price for making documents accessible.

The Consumer and Business Services team can help with:

  • Transcription Services in Large Print, Braille, Audio, Easy Read and Digital Communications.
  • Digital Accessibility including Websites, Apps and Products.
  • Accessible Maps, Images and Signage.

They also offer User Experience and User Testing opportunities for Visionary members and service users with lived experience (with voucher compensation). This is provided to a variety of commercial organisations, and this helps to ensure their products and services are designed to meet the needs of blind and partially sighted people.

Take a look at RNIB Business Services’ client’s section to see examples of how they offer solutions to the challenges organisation’s face. Examples include accessible bank notes, talking television, touchscreen payment devices, and Lego Braille bricks.

Talk through your requirements and allow the Consumer and Business Services team to help make your products and services accessible to all.

Please email Raquel Garrido-Soriano for a code to get your accessible documents at cost.

Check out the Members and Partners benefits brochure on the Knowledge Hub – Member and Partner benefits section (registration required) for all the great offers available to subscribed members and partners.


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