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Visionary are delighted to offer members a new fundraising benefit in partnership with Supported Giving.

Supported Giving is a cashless fundraising organisation offering QR2Donate and Text2Donate products for charities and not for profit organisations, currently supporting over 100 charities in their digital fundraising efforts. Supported Giving strongly believes Cashless Donation solutions such as the use of QR Codes, Text to donate and Online Donations are the way forward.

Supported Giving aims to address today’s needs for charities in cashless payments and Gift Aid. Their donation solutions, include QR codes and Text to donate which are set up to all major credit cards including Apple Pay and Google Pay. QR Codes and Text to donate are highly versatile, not only can they be used to obtain donations, but they can also be used for lotteries, raffles and auctions with massive marketing potential, vehicles, posters, leaflets, programmes, social media etc.

Benefit for Visionary members

Supported Giving are happy to offer Visionary members a 25% discount on their products.

Conditions of Service

QR2Donate is £25 p/m + VAT, this includes an unlimited number of QR codes, various customised donation pages, accepts Apple Pay, Google Pay, donate by Card and Regular Giving, an Appeals feature to allow donors to specifically choose a campaign to donate to and opt in for Gift Aid and Marketing. Charities will have access to Supported Giving’s Customer Portal where they will be able to view reports/tracking of donations which integrate with CRM platforms. There is a 3% merchant fee + 20p transaction fee which donors are given the option to cover.

Text2Donate is a one off £75 + VAT and fees are 5% on donations.

Get the benefit

To get Supported Giving’s 25% discount offer, please email the Visionary team.


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