New communication support for Vision Impaired People launched

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After more than 50 years supporting the communication needs of vision impaired people, Telephones for the Blind is re-launching as Individual Technology Solutions.

The President of ITSvip, Alan Titchmarsh, will officially launch the charity on Tuesday 20th July, 12 noon on Zoom. (See Zoom link below)

Bob Hughes. Chairman of ITSvip, said:

“We will build on the fantastic legacy of Telephones for the Blind to grow a range of communication offers and increase the number of people who can benefit from the communication support we offer.

“As a matter of policy we will work through the Visionary organisation to build partnerships with local VI organisations who can provide training and assistance to the people we will support. We will recompense those local partners for the work they do. ITSvip see this as a win for those organisations, a win for ITSvip and mostly a win for people with VI.”

President of the Charity, Alan Titchmarsh sees the change as offering hope and inclusion to many more people:

“The pandemic has shown us very clearly that people who are blind or partially sighted can be very isolated and are often denied access to the information, services and companionship that the internet has made available to most of us.

“Building on a long legacy of supporting people, Individual Technology Solutions will tackle isolation and work to see people build the skills to take advantage of all the internet has to offer.”


Zoom link:

Time: 20 July 2021, 12:00 PM

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 977 9502 4651
Passcode: 414850

Further information:

Ken Bridge, Director, Individual Technology Solutions
Tel: 07547 406563 email:
Or visit our Website

History note to editors

More than 50 years ago, Telephones for the Blind was formed in Reigate to meet the communication needs of people with a vision impairment.

A Reigate based club for people who were blind or visually impaired wanted to be able to communicate by phone with its members. Many did not have a phone and could not afford one.

A visionary and determined leader of the club, Bob Chudleigh, decided to do something about it and formed Telephones for the Blind to raise money to provide people with telephones. This started with club members in Surrey, but soon expanded to be a national provider.

Over the last few years, Telephones for the Blind has expanded its offering to provide smart phones and broadband to enable the use of applications such as Skype, Facetime and WhatsApp. Plans were put in place to also provide AI smart devices such as those made by Amazon and Google.

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