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Thank you to all our Visionary Regional and Country Representatives who recently agreed with proposed changes to our Members Consultative Group (MCG) and Members and Partners Consultative Group (MPCG). The MCG is now the Member Representatives Forum (MRF) and the MPCG is the Member and Partner Representatives Forum (MPRF).  Both meetings will take place quarterly and follow the format below.

We are hugely appreciative to the reps who chair the local meetings and come along to these meetings to share what is happening across the country.

Our fabulous Visionary Reps are:

  • Sharon Schaffer at Support for Sight, Rep for East of England
  • Rep for the Midlands to be appointed
  • Sarah French at Vision & Hearing Support, Rep for North East
  • David Anderson at Accrington & District Blind Society, Rep for North West
  • Eithne Rynne at Kent Association for the Blind and Susanette Mansour at Croydon Vision, Joint Reps for South East and London
  • Jackie Sopwith at Somerset Sight and Mike Silvey at Sight Support West of England, Joint Reps for South West
  • Scott Jobson at MySight York, Rep for Yorkshire and Humberside
  • Jacquie Winning at Forth Valley Sensory Centre and Lesley Carcary at Seescape, Joint Reps for Scotland
  • Rebecca Philipps at Wales Council of the Blind, Rep for Wales

You can also see the updated list of Visionary leads for the countries and regions in the Word document below.

Visionary country and regional meeting reps and leads (DOCX, 36 KB).

Format of meetings

Part 1: Agenda for Member Representatives Forum

  1. Themes and trends – What is emerging from country and regional meetings, what could we do in response?
  2. Campaigns and responses – Sharing information on campaigns and documents which have been shared with Visionary. Sharing latest updates and developments – looking for feedback.
  3. VI Charity Sector Partnership workstream feedback.
  4. Agree discussion items to take forward to Member and Partner Representatives Forum.

Part 2: Agenda for Member and Partner Representatives Forum

  1. Updates – Round robin from members representing their country or region and latest news from national partners.
  2. Themes and trends – Visionary staff provide a summary of the earlier conversation and collectively, we discuss anything arising.
  3. VI Charity Sector Partnership workstreams – Feedback from earlier discussion around issues relevant to members and partners.
  4. Guest speaker slot.


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