London Vision transitions back to Thomas Pocklington Trust

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London Vision’s (LV) Board met on October 28, 2022. At this meeting the Board concluded that, in spite of good progress in several areas in the development and delivery of services to its blind and partially sighted constituents, the ‘partially outsourced operating model’ (where staff were still employed by Thomas Pocklington Trust (TPT) and seconded to LV) was not effective.  These structural issues meant LV could not operate effectively in a completely autonomous, independent manner. This position would not change until London Vision became fully and independently funded.

The conclusion was that the services could be more efficiently and effectively provided by TPT directly.  London Vision’s Board therefore took the decision to transition the charity back inhouse to TPT as soon as practicable.

All four remaining members of staff have returned to TPT and in the most part, work is continuing under TPT.


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