Local sensory loss charity’s appeal for support to shore up services

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Forth Valley Sensory Centre logo

Forth Valley Sensory Centre logo.

A local charity that provides lifeline help and support to people living with sight and hearing loss in the Forth Valley is appealing for supporters to consider leaving a gift in their will to shore up their services for the future.

Forth Valley Sensory Centre, which is based in Falkirk has supported people across central Scotland with sensory impairment and their families for more than 15 years. It acts as a community hub, offering support, advice, practical help and social opportunities. It helps around 20,000 people every year and is funded by a mix of statutory funding and donations.

Last year the charity raised £20,400 from donations and community fundraising to support its work. Donations include gifts left in wills from kind-hearted supporters who want to make a difference after their death. Gifts made in memory of a loved one can also make a huge difference to people living with sensory loss in the area. FVSC’s overall objective is to help people who have a sensory impairment live as independently as possible. Services supported by a gift left in a will include sensory awareness training, access to IT and tech support, cookery classes, visits and excursions and sign and lip-reading classes.

Two women sitting in a theatre during a trip to see a pantomime.

Two women sitting in a theatre during a trip to see a pantomime.

Last year, FVSC opened its Wee County Hub on a pop-up basis across Clackmannanshire. This service is available to anyone in Clackmannanshire who has sensory loss and their families and means the charity can reach even more people. Leaving money to a charity can reduce the amount of inheritance tax owed by your estate to the government. Any gift left to a charity in your will is tax free and can also reduce the overall inheritance tax that your loved ones will pay on your estate.

Jacquie holding a sign which says "Volunteers charter. Forth Valley Sensory Centre. I'm a charter champion."

Jacquie holding a sign which says “Volunteers charter. Forth Valley Sensory Centre. I’m a charter champion.”

“We are hugely grateful to all our supporters who help us continue our work to support people in the Forth Valley who have sight and/or hearing loss. We rely on donations to help us bring life-changing services to people with sight and or/hearing loss in the Forth Valley and help tackle isolation and loneliness. There are lots of different ways to help us and leaving a lasting legacy in a will can be a wonderful way to ensure we can keep supporting people in the area for years to come.”

Jacquie Winning, Chief Executive of FVSC


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