Invite your MP to the “Can you see us?” Parliament event on 20 March 2024 by Thomas Pocklington Trust

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Thomas Pocklington Trust (TPT) is organising an event in parliament on 20 March 2024, to discuss the challenges that face blind and vision impaired people, across the UK.

TPT have arranged engaging and interactive ways for Members of Parliament to learn and hear about the challenges around Transport, the built environment, challenges around inaccessible healthcare information, education, employment and voting by taking part in the activities and directly speaking to our staff and volunteers, who all have lived experience.

TPT would like as many MP’s as possible to attend and would appreciate if you can spend just 2 minutes writing to your MP and inviting them to the Can You See Us event – TPT.

They would really appreciate if you can help by sharing this information and link on your social media channels, internally and through your networks or newsletters.

Please see visit the TPT website for further details.


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