Health and Safety Specialist Advice for Visionary Members

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Visionary have just established a dedicated Health and Safety advice service for our members. Staffed by an experienced Health and Safety professional this service is available to address any COVID-19 questions or queries members may have and it also provides a document/procedure review service. We know that these are key support areas especially as COVID-19 restrictions ease and members are keen to re-start provision and open offices.

The service will monitor any regulatory changes and also continue to support the regular Health and Safety online sessions. All matters discussed via the advice service remain confidential between the enquirer and Health and Safety advisor.

We are just in the process of establishing the direct referral processes and we’ll confirm details in next week’s briefing. However, in the meantime if you need any Health and Safety advice, then please email us at and we’ll forward your contact details to the Health and Safety advisor who will contact you direct.

Please note that this service has a COVID-19 focus and where the advisor feels you may need more general Health and Safety advice/support then they will discuss that directly with you.

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