Guide Dogs petition to support children with a vision impairment at school

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Helping children with sight loss enter the classroom with confidence

Being able to see the floor stickers telling you where to stand. Walking into your classroom and understanding the changes to the layout. Knowing how close you are to your classmates. These are things that many children take for granted. For those with sight loss, these things are not possible without a bit of extra help. That’s why Guide Dogs are calling on the government and schools to work together to make sure children with sight loss get the support they need to help them enter the classroom with confidence.

Will you sign our petition today?

We’re calling on the ministers responsible for education across the UK to work with local authorities to make sure that every child with sight loss is supported to enter the classroom with confidence. That means:

  • Working with local authorities and education providers to produce guidance about the challenges blind and partially sighted children and young people face in educational settings, and how they can support them to reach their full potential.
  • Ensure a specialist in sight loss is made available to each school who has a child with sight loss attending to advise on their needs and adaptations that could be made.

Click here to sign the petition.

Source: Guide Dogs

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