Glaucoma UK campaign highlights the importance of continuing to use eye drops during Ramadan


Glaucoma UK are urging Muslims with glaucoma to continue using their eye drops during Ramadan to avoid putting their eye health at risk.
The holy month of Ramadan, which starts on April 12, will see Muslims fast between dawn and sunset. However, those who have glaucoma may be putting their sight at risk if they stop using their eyedrops during this period.

The charity is sharing information to help those who are fasting manage their glaucoma during Ramadan. Attached is some information you can share with your beneficiaries to help support them at this important time. You can also get involved with the campaign by sharing their campaign messages on social media  and directing people to their website for more information:

Glaucoma UK have prepared the following information for you to share with your client, members and beneficiaries:

How to manage your glaucoma during Ramadan 

If you’ve been prescribed eye drops for your glaucoma, it is essential you continue to use them to prevent damage to your sight. Stopping glaucoma drops for even a short period of time can cause permanent loss of vision. As eye drops are not considered food or drink by most Sunni or Shi’a schools, they don’t break your fast. But if you are worried, there are some things you can do for additional reassurance.

One is to block your tear duct by pressing on the corner of your eye next to your nose, immediately after putting in your drops. This stops the drops reaching the back of your throat, and keeps them in your eye, where they need to be. If in doubt, you can choose to use your drops before suhoor and after iftar.

The charity Glaucoma UK can help you manage your glaucoma while fasting this Ramadan. Visit their website for more information:

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